With the April 30th deadline for filing now behind us it’s a good time to talk about The CRA’s new online option for making changes to your already filed return. Maybe you’re one of those people who wait until the last minute to file, scrambling about like a madman trying to gather up every last expense receipt and income statement just in time to meet that April 30th deadline, or perhaps you’re one of those people we all aspire to, who document every last detail and organize each receipt by date and time, either way there are times when an expense may be overlooked or an income slip doesn’t arrive on time and you’ve failed to account for it on this year’s return. Well not to worry as you can now quickly and easily make changes to your return through the Canada Revenue Agency’s ReFILE  online software.

Who is it for?

The ReFILE service is for individuals who have filed their returns online through NETFILE  and you must have already received your Notice of Assessment. If your return has not yet been processed, you must wait for your Notice of Assessment before taking advantage of ReFILE. If you did not file electronically, then you must send in a paper Form T1-ADJ, T1 Adjustment Request, to the CRA. The ReFILE is designed for making changes to your claim amounts and cannot be used for changes related to your personal information like: Marital Status, Address, Direct Deposit Details, etc., changes to this information can be made through your My Account link.

The ReFILE service is a very handy option for making quick changes, but it is limited to no more than 9 changes per tax year for each individual. For a complete list of details and exclusions, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s ReFILE online information page.